past events and projects

Previous projects of our Science Shop:

Period Project Name Description
2013 – 2014 online conferences on transfer- and founding-relevant topics In the course of this project, experience was gained in the determination of regionally requested topics from business and society, as well as from the preparation, organization, implementation and evaluation of technically sophisticated, dialog-oriented events.
2014 – 2015 Facilities of participatory science at the transfer units of the universities of Lower Saxony Collaborative project for the collection and deepening of regional contacts. In addition, valuable evidence of the needs and interests of various universities and civil society actors has been gained.
2015 “Excellence for All !? Citizenship, Universities and Academies “ Planning and organization of a civil society conference in Oldenburg in November 2015, which focused on the establishment of regional contacts and the interregional exchange of knowledge and experience in the field concerned.