The Science Shop Vechta/Cloppenburg

Local dialogue of knowledge in the Oldenburger Münsterland

Open access to science – the idea of participatory science is the focus of activity at the “Science Shop Vechta/Cloppenburg”. The Science Shop Vechta/Cloppenburg is a service facility that shows the public engagement of the University of Vechta in the region Weser-Ems in northwest Germany.

The “Science Shop Vechta/Cloppenburg” considers itself as a hub between population and science that is always close to citizens, companies, local communities, organizations and associations. Basically, knowledge and education shall be made accessible for those people who usually do not have a possibility or direct connection with these topics. Everybody is supposed to be able to co-create Science.

Science does not only take place in isolated laboratories or behind university walls. Every citizen can become an expert, contribute to new findings, and therefore make a contribution to society. The work of the “Science Shop Vechta/Cloppenburg” is designed to be participatory. This means it is oriented towards corporative participation. The inclusive and integrative approach at the Science Shop emphasizes a concept of science that is wide and construed for society.

Sounds interesting, but what does that mean?
Precisely, it means that the Science Shop is a contact and conciliatory point for questions prompted in everyday life as well as in working environment that can reveal answers and also contact persons. Science is not supposed to stay abstract and intangible but rather experience-able, shape-able and comprehensible.

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